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The Pedersen Novels:
My brother, novelist Leif Enger, and I collaborated on this Edgar Award-nominated series.
All-star outfielder Gunsten Pedersen has retired to Minnesota's north woods, seeking anonymity and peace of mind. Trouble always finds him, though--along with opportunities for redemption. 





Edgar Award nominee. When a corrupt developer lays claim to a tract of pristine wilderness and plans to build a giant mall, Gunsten disapproves but stays out of the fray, unwilling to sacrifice his privacy. When his journalist daughter disappears, though, and people start to die, Gunsten enters the game with a vengeance.





An old teammate in dire straits draws Gunsten to Florida, where he encounters old baseball feuds, vile corruption, and murder, not to mention the beautiful sister of a reporter who died for a story.





When gold is discovered near reservation land in Minnesota, former Detroit Tigers outfielder Gunsten Pedersen becomes enmeshed in a stand-off between a mining company and the Ojibwe tribe. Innocent people are murdered, and Gun must navigate the gray zone between white and Native-American worlds.





Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Gunsten Pedersen travels with his fiancee to visit his elderly parents in northern Michigan. While there, the old ball field where Gun played as a boy is excavated, and the body of a long-missing friend turns up. When Gun's father becomes a suspect in the case, Gun must rip open old community wounds to clear his dad's name.





When a friend turns up dead in Minneapolis, victim of an ugly murder, former Detroit Tigers outfielder Gunsten Pedersen must leave his sanctuary on Stony Lake in northern Minnesota and immerse himself in the dirty underworld of human trafficking.







When former Detroit Tiger outfielder Gunsten Pedersen witnesses the murder of a minor-league ballplayer in Duluth, Minnesota, he is drawn into a blackmail scheme involving an aging baseball groupie and the corrupt owner of a big-league franchise.